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We explore unique properties of colloidal particles and use them as building blocks for colloidal matter and devices. We have developed new optical tools to trap, assemble and print colloidal particles in a versatle manner. Inline metrology is being developed to measure structures, dynamics and properties of the particles down to single-nanoparticle resolution. We aim to elucidate how matter organizes, to develop nanofactories for construction of colloidal matter and to innovate functional colloidal materials and devices.

Chiral molecules are building blocks of life. We develop new chiroptical technologies for detection and separation of chiral molecules in pharmaceuticals and space life detection. Specifically, we are exploiting moire chiral metasurfaces and metamaterials to improve enantiodiscrimination and enantioselective separation of molecules. Besides their strongly enhanced optical fields and forces, these metasurfaces and metamaterials can be fabricated at large scale, high throughput and low cost. We also develop reconfigurable (or responsive) chiroptical materials and devices. 

We exploit plasmofluidics to innovate lab on a chip where plasmon-enhanced ultracompact optical components are integrated with microfluidic systems to probe, interrogate and control biological cells and molecules at an unprecedented level. We are particularly interested in developing and applying portable biomedical devices to bring healthcare diagnostics and therapy to underserved areas while advancing study in life sciences.