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Optical Manipulation & Assembly

We develop user-friendly low-power optical techniques for versatile manipulation and assembly of colloidal particles. We carry out simultaneous measurements of structures, dynamics and functions of the particles and assemblies. Applications range from cellular biology and tissue engineering to programmable designer materials. Our long-term goals are to elucidate how matter organizes in both materials world and life sciences and to develop scalable assembly of designer materials.

Selected relevant publications:

L. Lin, X. Peng, Z. Mao, W. Li, M. N. Yogeesh, B. B. Rajeeva, E. P. Perillo, A. K. Dunn, D. Akinwande, and Y. B. Zheng, "Bubble-Pen Lithography," Nano Letters 16 (2016) 701. (Featured as "Editor's Choice" by Science)

Z. L. Wu, K. Chen, R. Menz, T. Nagao, and Y. B. Zheng, "Tunable Multiband Metasurfaces by Moiré Nanosphere Lithography," Nanoscale 7 (2015) 20391. (Featured as cover article).

Y. B. Zheng, B. K. Pathem, J. N. Hohman, J. C. Thomas, M. H. Kim, and P. S. Weiss, "Photoresponsive Molecules in Well-Defined Nanoscale Environments," Advanced Materials 25 (2013) 302. (Featured as cover article)