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We develop user-friendly low-power optical manipulations for colloidal particles, biological cells and molecules. We further carry out simultaneous measurements of structures, dynamics and functions of the particles, cells and molecules during and after the manipulations. Our goals are to provide advanced tools for cellular biology and tissue engineering, to elucidate how matter organizes and to develop versatile assembly of designer materials.

With the capability of surface plasmons in manipulating light at the nanoscale, molecular plasmonics bridges size mismatch between light and molecules. We aim to advance fundamental understanding of molecule-plasmon interactions down to single-nanoparticle/-molecule resolution and to develop rational design of molecular plasmonic materials and devices. We have invented rewritable nanophotonics and moire chiral metamaterials.

We exploit plasmofluidics, which merges light and fluids at the micro/nanoscale, to innovate lab on a chip. We focus on developing (i) point-of-care biomedical devices that bring healthcare diagnostics to underserved areas while advancing study in life sciences and (ii) nanofactories that optically assemble designer materials and devices with colloidal particles as building blocks.