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Opto-Thermoelectric Nanotweezers

L. Lin, M. Wang, X. Peng, E. N. Lissek, Z. Mao, L. Scarabelli, E. Adkins, S. Coskun, H. E. Unalan, B. A. Korgel, L. M. Liz-Marzán, E. L. Florin, and Y. B. Zheng. Opto-Thermoelectric Nanotweezers. Nature Photonics 12 (2018) 195-201. Also see "News & Views": Thermoelectric fields hold nanoparticles by Prof. Frank Cichos. Featured by UT NewsOSA-OPNPhys.orgIEEE Electronics360NanowerkScience DailyAzo NanoNanotechweb; Eurekalert!; The Daily Texan; Kurzweil; Bioengineering; Bintroo; Brinkwire; PhotonicsViews; NextBIGfuture; Photonics; LaserFocusWorld-Japan; x-mol; Product Design and Development; Laser Focus World; Medical Device DevelopmentsNature Collection of Nobel Prize in Physics 2018; 2019 Co-op Best Paper Award;