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From Top to Bottom: Cover Image Gallery, Books, Journal Papers, Book Chapters, and Patents; Please also see Teaching page for recorded presentations and interviews.

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(3) K. Yao and Y. B. Zheng. Nanophotonics and Machine Learning. (Springer, 2023) ISBN: 9783031204722. Featured by Nanowerk; ChineseOptics; X-MOL; School of Engineering;

(2) Y. B. Zheng and Z. Wu (editors). Intelligent Nanotechnology: Merging Nanoscience and Artificial Intelligence. (Elsevier Science, 2022) ISBN: 9780323857963.

(1) Y. B. Zheng. Molecular Active Plasmonics: Harnessing Molecular Machines for Nanophotonic Applications. (VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, 2010) ISBN-10: 3639271750.


Journal Papers (175 papers)

2023 (22 papers)

R. Unni, M. Zhou, P. R. Wiecha, and Y. B. Zheng. Advancing Materials Science through Next-Generation Machine Learning.

J. Li, R. Yang, K. Yao, Y. Huang, Y. Rho, D. E. Fan, Y. B. Zheng, and C. P. Grigoropoulos. Near-Field Nanoimaging of Colloidal Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Waveguides.

Z. Chen and Y. B. Zheng. Persistent and Responsive Collective Motion with Adaptive Time Delay. Science Advances

C. Xiao, K. Yao, X. Liu, Y. Sun, M. Yan, W. Hua, Y. B. Zheng, and H. Zhou. Machine-Learning-Enabled Design of Photonic Materials.

J. Li, D. Zhang, Z. Guo, X. Jiang, J. M. Larson, H. Zhu, T. Zhang, Y. Gu, B. Blankenship, M. Chen, Z. Wu, S. Huang, R. Kostecki, A. M. Minor, C. P. Grigoropoulos, D. Akinwande, M. Terrones, J. M. Redwing, H. Li, and Y. B. ZhengLight-Driven C-H Activation Mediated by 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides. (arXiv)

P. S. Kollipara, Z. Wu, K. Yao, D. Lin, Z. Ju, X. Zhang, T. Jiang, H. Ding, J. Fang, J. Li, B. A. Korgel, J. M. Redwing, G. Yu, and Y. B. Zheng. Three-Dimensional Optical Manipulation in Phase-Change Solid Media.

K. Yao, J. Fang, T. Jiang, A. F. Briggs, A. M. Skipper, Y. Kim, M. A. Belkin, B. A. Korgel, S. R. Bank, and Y. B. Zheng. Tuning Multipolar Mie Scattering of Particles on a Dielectric-Covered Mirror. (arXiv)

Z. Chen, H. Ding, P. S. Kollipara, J. Li, and Y. B. Zheng. Synchronous and Fully Steerable Active Particle Systems for Enhanced Mimicking of Collective Motion in Nature. Advanced Materials (2023) in press. Featured as Editor's Choice;

M. Herber, A. J. Amaya, N. Giese, B. B. Rajeeva, Y. B. Zheng, and E. H. Hill. Bubble Printing of Layered Silicates: Surface Chemistry Effects and Picomolar Förster Resonance Energy Transfer SensingACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2023).

J. Fang, K. Yao, M. Wang, Z. Yu, T. Zhang, T. Jiang, S. Huang, B. A. Korgel, M. Terrones, A. Alù, and Y. B. Zheng. Observation of Room-Temperature Exciton-Polariton Emission from Wide-Ranging 2D Semiconductors Coupled with a Broadband Mie ResonatorNano Letters 23 (2023) 9803-9810.

Y. Kim and Y. B. Zheng. Advancing Optothermal Manipulation: Decoupling Temperature and Flow Fields in Quasi-Isothermal MicrostreamingLight: Science & Applications 12 (2023) 211.

P. S. Kollipara and Y. B. Zheng. Breaking Boundaries in Optical Manipulation: Beyond Nobel-Prize-Winning Tweezers. Photonics Insights 2 (2023) C04.

A. Swain, Z. Chen, Y. Liu, Z. Wu, and Y. B. Zheng. Large-Area Ultrathin Moiré Chiral Metamaterials by Thermal-Tape-Transfer Printing. ACS Photonics 10 (2023) 1225-1231.

J. Fang, S. Huang, K. Yao, T. Zhang, M. Terrones, W. Huang, Y. Pan, and Y. B. Zheng. Tunable Couplings of Photons with Bright and Dark Excitons in Monolayer Semiconductors on Plasmonic-Nanosphere-on-Mirror Cavities. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 127 (2023) 9105-9112.


P. S. Kollipara, X. Li, J. Li, Z. Chen, H. Ding, S. Huang, Z. Qin, and Y. B. Zheng. Hypothermal Opto-Thermophoretic Tweezers. Nature Communications 14 (2023) 5133. [Research Square]; Nature Portfolio Communities "Behind the Paper"; Nanowerk; TACC; TMI; CSE;; Nanowerk; HPCwire; Newswise; EurekAlert!; Mirage News;; Sciencenewsnet; Scienmag; Photonics;  

Y. Liu, R. Unni, X. Lou, M. Yang, and Y. B. Zheng. High-Resolution Volumetric Imaging and Classification of Organisms with Standard Optical MicroscopyNano Letters 23 (2023) 5148-5154.

H. Ding, P. K. Kollipara, K. Yao, Y. Chang, D. J. Dickinson, and Y. B. Zheng. Multimodal Optothermal Manipulations along Various Surfaces. ACS Nano 17 (2023) 9280-9289.


P. S. Kollipara, Z. Chen, and Y. B. Zheng. Optical Manipulation Heats Up: Present and Future of Optothermal Manipulation. ACS Nano 17 (2023) 7051-7063.

Y. Liu, Z. Wu, D. Armstrong, H. Wolosker, and Y. B. Zheng. Detection and Analysis of Chiral Molecules as Disease BiomarkersNature Reviews Chemistry 7 (2023) 355-373. [SharedIt]

H. Ding, Z. Chen, C. Ponce, and Y. B. Zheng. Optothermal Rotation of Micro-/Nano-Objects. Chemical Communications 59 (2023) 2208-2221.

2022 (10 papers)

J. Li, K. Yao, Y. Huang, J. Fang, P. S. Kollipara, D. E. Fan, and Y. B. Zheng. Tunable Strong Coupling in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Nanowires. Advanced Materials 34 (2022) 2200656. Featured on a Frontispiece.

P. S. Kollipara, R. Mahendra, J. Li, and Y. B. Zheng. Bubble-Pen Lithography: Fundamentals and Applications (Nanoscience: Special Issue Dedicated to Professor Paul S. Weiss). Aggregate 3 (2022) e189. Featured as Back Cover Article; Outstanding Cover Award;


H. Ding, Z. Chen, P. S. Kollipara, Y. Liu, Y. Kim, S. Huang, and Y. B. Zheng. Programmable Multimodal Optothermal Manipulation of Synthetic Particles and Biological Cells. ACS Nano 16 (2022) 10878-10889. Featured by Nanowerk; ACS材料X;

J. Li, A. Alfares, and Y. B. Zheng. Optical Manipulation and Assembly of Micro/Nanoscale Objects on Solid Substrates. iScience 25 (2022) 104035.

Y. Kim, H. Ding, and Y. B. Zheng. Investigating Water/Oil Interfaces with Opto-Thermophoresis. Nature Communications 13 (2022) 3742. Featured by Nanowerk; x-mol;

J. Fang, K. Yao, T. Zhang, M. Wang, T. Jiang, S. Huang, B. A. Korgel, M. Terrones, A. Alù, and Y. B. Zheng. Room-Temperature Observation of Near-Intrinsic Exciton Linewidth in Monolayer WS2. Advanced Materials 34 (2022) 2108721. Featured as a Frontispiece. Featured by MaterialsViews;

Y. Liu, H. Ding, J. Li, X. Lou, M. Yang, and Y. B. Zheng. Light-Driven Single-Cell Rotational Adhesion Frequency Assay. eLight 2 (2022) 13. Featured by 中国光学 (as Cover Article);Light: Science & Applications News & Views; EurekAlert!;