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We explore artificial-intelligence-assisted design and manufacturing of nanomaterials and nanodevices from nanoscale colloidal particles, wires and membranes as building blocks. We have invented a series of energy-efficient optical tools to sculpt and assemble the building blocks into functional architectures via computer programming. Inline metrology enables in-situ characterizations and feedback control for automated operation. 

Many of the basic molecular building blocks of life are chiral species, which are non-superimposable on their mirror images. We develop artificial-intelligence-enhanced chiroptical nanodevices to enable label-free enantiodiscrimination and enantioselective separation of chiral molecules. We are applying these devices to detect space life, to study the origin of life, to explore planet habitability, and to enhance drug efficacy and safety. 

We develop autonomous micro/nanorobots and lab-on-a-chip devices to bring healthcare diagnostics and therapy to underserved areas while advancing life sciences. Our robots and devices merge functional materials, photonics, thermodynamics, fluidics and artificial intelligence at the nanoscale to interrogate, manipulate and dissect biological organs, tissues, cells, bacteria, viruses, organelles and molecules at an unprecedented level.