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We explore digital manufacturing of artificial matter and nanodevices from colloidal particles, wires and membranes as building blocks. We invent a series of low-power user-friendly optothermal tools to sculpt and assemble the building blocks into complex architectures with computer control. Inline metrology enables in-situ structural and functional measurements. 

Many of the basic molecular building blocks of life are chiral species. Chiral molecules are non-superimposable on their mirror images. We develop chiroptical devices that enable high-performance label-free enantiodiscrimination and enantioselective separation of chiral molecules to advance space life detection and to improve studies of the origin and rules of life.

We develop high-performance and user-friendly opto-thermo-fluidic lab on a chip to bring healthcare diagnostics and therapy to underserved areas. Such lab chips merge photonics, thermodynamics, fluidics and artificial intelligence at the nanoscale to manipulate and interrogate biological cells, organelles and molecules at unprecedented levels and in low-resource settings.