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Plasmofluidics: Merging Light and Fluids at Nanoscale

We exploit plasmofluidics, which merges light and fluids at the micro/nanoscale, to innovate lab on a chip. We focus on developing (i) point-of-care biomedical devices that bring healthcare diagnostics to underserved areas while advancing study in life sciences and (ii) nanofactories that optically assemble designer materials and devices with colloidal particles as building blocks. 

Selected relevant publications:

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M. I. Lapsley, I.-K. Chiang, Y. B. Zheng, X. Ding, X. Mao, and T. J. Huang, “A Single-Layer, Planar, Optofluidic Mach-Zehnder Interferometer for Label-Free Detection”, Lab on a Chip 11 (2011) 1795.

Y. B. Zheng, B. K. Juluri, X. Mao, T. R. Walker, and T. J. Huang, “Systematic Investigation of Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance of Long-Range Ordered Au Nanodisk Arrays”, Journal of Applied Physics 103 (2008) 014308. ("plasmofluidics" was coined to represent a field that merges plasmonics and fluidics at the nanoscale)